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Wir sind ein Film- Animations und Postproduktionsstudio in Hamburg.


3D Visualisierung





In cooperation with Frischer Film we produced a short Social Spot for MERCEDES Retail.

Directed by us, posted by us.

Once again, RIMOWA fundamentally redefines travel: With the RIMOWA Electronic Tag, travellers will be able to check-in their luggage from anywhere and drop it off at the airport within seconds. We were producing the 3D visualisation to show the advantage of this new technology at the point of sale.

The Agency island collective hired us to produce an emotional imagefilm for Heiligen Hafen. The production was a lot of fun.

Together with our network of healthcare writers, we create biological authentic concepts. Our artists are combining imagination and technical ability to bring biological processes, detailed surgical procedures and device mode-of-action presentations to life.

For BDEW we created an explainer video that should help people to understand how the complex gas market works and will develop in the future.

Kleines b is a furniture manufacture in the heart of Hamburg Altona. In a small Team they create timeless design furniture. We found the concept and the people behind it very charming and therefore produced a portrait of them.