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For BDEW we created an explainer video that should help people to understand how the complex gas market works and will develop in the future.

To complement our Mockup Service we worked hard on getting the knowhow for SFX in Camera. In the last two years we did a couple of shootings in this field and can now present you our first SFX Reel. We promise, it’s more to come and we will keep you informed of new projects of our brand new SFX Unit.

Currex Sole asked us to produce an Imagefilm for their incredible sport soles. So we did.

100% contact. Everything fits − naturally. You can feel this insole is right for your sport! Take your personal performance to the next level, with Natural Performance Insoles by currex.

EMB is a subsidiary of CompuGroup Medical (CGM), one of the most successful eHealth companies in Germany and the world. Our team was behind the image film of EBM and had a blast creating it. We took care of the entire process from the concept to the final product.

Together with our network of healthcare writers, we create biological authentic concepts. Our artists are combining imagination and technical ability to bring biological processes, detailed surgical procedures and device mode-of-action presentations to life.

The SWR went on a treasure hunt along with us. Two 90-minute documentary reports aired in prime time on ZDF at Christmas time last year. Our time was behind all the animations, including the whole broadcast design.